A Short Ride in a Fast Machine

A collaboration with the Redwood Symphony Orchestra

Another collaboration with the Redwood Symphony Orchestra to visualize their live performance of John Adam's "A Short Ride in a Fast Machine." This work drew inspiration from my enjoyment of side scrolling video games like Super Mario Bros. and Steampunk visual styles. The work depicts the development of an airship as it builds to flying amongst the stars. Trees, buildings, and large city skyscrapers spawn in reaction to the tight syncopated rhythms of this incredible orchestral piece. New developments to this real-time visualization system include the ability to control the visuals through a smartphone or tablet while sitting with the audience.


Redwood Symphony Orchestra Concert, Redwood City, CA April 2014

All background buildings respond to different instrument groups. As the music grows in complexity, the background increases in complexity as well from simple farm lands to a vast metropolis.

The airship character grows to become a spaceship as the rhythmic intensity builds to the end of the piece.

The airship takes to the clouds which is carefully orchestrated with the soaring trumpet melody.