Effervescent Ripples

OSU percussion ensemble performance of Aurel Hollo's beFORe JOHN3

This project was a natural extension of the work created from Arctic Fracture. It was a real-time visualization that reacted to the performance of "39-the dream of the Manichaeian/before JOHN" by Aurel Hollo. The raindrops were inspired by the shape of sound marimbas make. Effervescent Ripples was the first visualization to feature different scenes or sections that corresponded with the musical sections.


OSU Percussion recital, Columbus, OH, May 2008
See What You Feel: A Study in the Visual Extension of Music, SIGGRAPH 2009, New Orleans, LA, August 2009
Skylab/Ignition 3.0, Columbus, OH, May 2010

OSU percussion recital performance. There are three different waterdrop effects, one to represent each marimba performer.

Different bubble shapes form as the music increases in complexity. Larger bubbles represent the audio generated from the collective ensemble while smaller raindrops and bubbles represent the different individual instruments and players.

During contrasting themes in the music, the visualization can invert its color scheme to accentuate these moments. Angular square shapes provide another contrast to the rounded raindrop and bubble shapes.