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Illuminating and engaging audiences in unique and spectacular ways.

Live Music Visuals specializes in real-time visualizations and customized interactive systems that react to live events. Live Music Visuals is well suited for all types of performance venues including large and small ensembles, dances, theatrical plays, and interactive installations. Each visualization system is custom tailored to your event. Using advanced audio analysis, multi-channel inputs, custom user interfaces, and a powerful rendering engine, Live Music Visuals can illuminate performances and engage audiences in unique and spectacular ways.

Additional services include music compositions, audio mixing, 3D animation, video editing, data visualization, 2D and 3D design, motion graphics, and UI development.

Music Compositions

An orchestral soundtrack with the flare of a piano

My music is inspired by some of the greatest movie soundtrack composers and it is predominately orchestral in nature. I often use it to accompany the music visualizations. I have over ten years of piano experience so my music often contains piano parts mixed within. Some sample songs are provided below. My first album, Midnight Christmas, is available through many online retailers. Also check out my YouTube channel for many more pieces I have composed.


Creating new music for visualization systems with a broad dynamic range. Renewal was inspired by the movie trailer music genre and orchestral soundtracks.


Gentle piano and percussion start building raindrops. As the intensity builds, sweeping orchestral lines bring the full weight of a thunderstorm that crashes in an epic finale.

Road to Harmony

Ambient and moving. A gentle electronic beat in the background with soaring strings and piano layered on top.

About Live Music Visuals

Matthew Bain is the founder and creator of Live Music Visuals. His inspiration began from a young age as he grew up drawing, constructing, and playing music. He began building upon these skills through the composition of music and accompanying visual animations, much of which was inspired by Disney's Fantasia. Throughout his college career he expanded on his craft and further researched the dimensions of music visualization and pushed the boundaries of this field. He published a paper entitled "Real Time Music Visualization: A Study in the Visual Extension of Music", which became the foundation for Live Music Visuals. Matthew's visualization work has been exhibited in numerous performances across the country including the Drums Downtown concert series, the Redwood Symphony Orchestra, Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra, PASIC conference, and SIGGRAPH. Today he welcomes collaboration with unique musical groups to create complex and dynamic visuals that represent the intricate and multifaceted world of music.