An abstract exploration inspired by airport runway lights

Gridlights was an exploration in more abstract shapes and some of the inspiration came from airport runway lights. A unique trait in this visualization is a system that shifts and generates new runway lights based on overall motion of the visuals. This allows for us to traverse a never ending grid of lights. This visualization system was used during the Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong Jazz Camp performance at SIGGRAPH.


See What You Feel: A Study in the Visual Extension of Music, SIGGRAPH 2009, New Orleans, LA, August 2009
Skylab/Ignition 3.0, Columbus, OH, May 2010

An endless grid system allows the visualization to move in any direction as it reacts to the music. Distant lights continually regenerate.

Background colors can change to help accentuate different themes or motifs in the music.

Gridlights consists of square palattes that typcially react to bass frequencies while smaller point lights and circular shockwaves react to higher frequencies.