Carpe Diem

The first performance-based animation with the Pendulum Duo at Drums Downtown IV

This was the first performance-based visualization I created. Audio waveform data was analyzed for beat detection and amplitude tracking. This information was then used to procedurally generate 3D animation and particle effects. The music was entitled "carpe diem" and it was performed by the Pendulum Duo. The performers used a click track to perfectly synchronize their performance to the pre-rendered visuals. MEL scripting and MIDI files were used to synchronize percussive hits to the procedural animation.


Drums Downtown IV, Columbus, OH, February 2007

The helix particle trails provided a good illustration of the two percussionists. Pentagon shape animations represented higher-pitched percussive hits.

Cymbal hits were represented by a particle shockwave which proved to be very symbolic and appropriate for the sound and physical shape of a cymbal.

A Copland-inspired fanfare opens the piece with large bombastic hits and long moments of silence.