Catching Dream

Visualizing Noniko's flute performance

This was a collaboration with Noniko Hsu's flute performance and it incorporated multiple visualizations across different pieces of music and different instrumentations. Two new visualizations I created for this performance were a galaxy/star field for the piece La Traviata Fantasia and a colorful abstract block visual for the Sonata Latino by Mike Mower. Both visuals were designed to uniquely capture the instrumentations and musical styles of the two pieces. Additional design choices were made to help the visuals tie into larger over-arching themes for the entire performance. All videos of the performance are available here on Youtube.


Catching Dream, flute concert by Noniko Hsu, Ann Arbor, MI October 2013

A colorful collage of angled shapes track Noniko's performance and her accompaniment which included a Salsa band.

A galaxy of stars ignites and blossoms in synchronization to the flute piece. As the piece progresses, the galaxy moves and expands outward.

The final piece, Sonata Latino by Mike Mower, includes Noniko on flute with a Salsa band accompaniment. Lighting and vibrant shapes respond to their performance.