Asah & Raeq

Asah & Raeq, a multi-disciplinary video game performance

This visualization takes the form of a video game with two opposing forces battling across seven different pieces. In concert with cut-scene animations, the seven different visualizations tell a story. "At the beginning, there was nothing, until Asah decided to create this world. Everything was fearfully and wonderfully made, to live in eternal peace and glory. Until Raeq appeared, bringing destruction to the world, and destroyed every last hope on land. The battle between the two has begun, but no one can stop death.... or is there one?"

Extra special thanks to Noniko Hsu and Michigan University for the opportunity to collaborate on this project.
Date: Oct. 30, 2015
Location: Duderstadt Center, Video Studio, University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Story: Janelle Haegert
Animation: Raj Bruggemann & Julia Braid
Character Design: HuiJu Hsieh
Voice: Glenn Healy
Music: Natalie Moller
Make Up: WenChi Lin

Making-of video

06. Ian Clarke - TRK performance

Driving multiple audio channels and coordinating several game "levels" which correspond to different music pieces throughout the concert.

Global movements and particle-based characters are driven by audio waveforms and a game controller.

Utilizing DirectX 11 to generate millions of particles and simulate procedural distortion that reacts to the live audio stream.