Capturing Polish Folk Art styles for Kilar's Krzesany

Visuals for the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra

This visualization was a collaboration with the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra. The piece performed was, Kresany, by Wojciech Kilar. Kilar drew on majestic Polish mountain landscapes and regional folk art to create his music composition. This real-time visualization drew on the same points of inspriation by incorporating majestic mountain scenery Polish folk art. One style in particular is Wycinanki which is the Polish word for 'paper-cut design'. Many of the geometric forms from this art style were brought to life in the visuals as they reacted to the MCYO's performance.


Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras of Strathmore: Symphonic Devotions, North Bethesda, MD December 2017

Inspired by the Tatra Mountains in Poland, this world illuminates in synchronization with the orchestra .

Towards the end of the piece, chaotic rhythms and harmonies build to create more and more erratic bursts of color.

Polish paper art, Wycinanki, inspired these brightly colored geometric shapes that animate in paper cutout formations.